Artist Statement: Fish Out of Water Series

My Fish Out of Water series developed from an idea to illustrate fish in a contemporary style. The work combines digital illustration with photography to create fish that prompt the viewer to stop and wonder. 

I am a fisherman, and I photograph what I see around my trusted fishing holes. Each color, pattern, or texture I capture through the lens reminds me of the fish I seek beneath the water’s surface. It may be a rusty culvert that feeds into the inlet where a trophy bluegill is hiding. It may be the bark of a tree I sit under or an old abandoned car I pass by as I hike to a remote spot. Back in my studio, I draw the silhouette of a fish I caught in that particular body of water and couple the illustration with a photo taken from that area, allowing the fish to take on a new life.

My fish tell stories and reveal clues to my favorite honey holes. Though most of these locations will remain a secret, they are home to the fish I “catch” in my artwork.